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Employment Background Verification

Background Screening is the most essential tool in order to prevent the organization from various risks related to the hiring as they have to know and verify all about the employee they are hiring. It is the pre-employment procedure to identify the employee and his background as his Qualification, Experience, Criminal Records, Drug Abuse, Address Field Investigation, Identity of Employee, CBIL Score Check and many more and everything that employer wants to know about their Employees.

Best Employment Background Verification Company Guwahati, Assam
  1. Benefits of Conducting Employee Background Screening
    • Improve Hiring
    • Quality Improvement in Regulatory Compliance
    • Improved Safety and Security
    • Mitigating Risk in Hiring
    • Reduced Employee Turnover
    • Improved Reputation
    • Reduced Employee Theft
    • Improved hiring cost per hire
    • Reduced workplace abuse
  2. The components those we are providing for Background Screening
    • Employment Check
    • Education Check
    • Criminal Record Check
    • Residential Address Check
    • Identity Check
    • Drug Test
    • Database World Check
    • Reference Check
    • Passport Check
    • Brand Survey

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